Crime Scene, Trauma, and Biohazard Cleanup in DFW Metroplex

Whenever a crime or trauma, such as a homicide or suicide, happens inside your home, it can create an environment that is dangerous to your health and challenging to your psyche. It can be difficult to process what has occurred with the scene still intact. Plus, the somatic remains and fluids, including blood, can contain harmful pathogens. That is why the sooner the location is cleaned up by our technicians at JDR Restoration, the better the outcome for you both physically and emotionally.

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JDR Restoration has been a part of the Tarrant County, TX community for over forty years. We are the preferred business for all of your home’s restoration requirements, including mold damage restoration, fire damage restoration, flood damage restoration, and crime scene cleanup. We also specialize in home renovations, so whatever your personal preferences, objectives, or budget, we can provide you with the home transformation you want. Plus, you can experience the following benefits when you hire our company:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • 40+ Years of Experience
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  • Incredible Customer Service

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleanup Dallas Fort Worth TX

If a crime, unexpected death, or another kind of accident happens, the scene supplies countless risks to a person’s wellness and safety, primarily due to biohazards, or materials that are harmful to human health. The biohazards found at locations where trauma has taken place frequently include sharps, waste, bacteria, and body fluids, especially blood. Blood is particularly hazardous because it poses the threat of blood-borne pathogens, like Hepatitis and HIV. Ultimately, to protect yourself and your family members, you will need professional cleanup services.

 No matter what type of trauma, crime, or health dangers might be inside your property, we follow professional safety guidelines from OSHA for proper cleanup and disposal of bodily substances and other biohazards to prevent the spread of disease. Our methods will be completed with the aid of protective gear, first-rate disinfectants, and specialty equipment so that we can carefully clean, sanitize, and deodorize your property. If there was a crime scene investigation, remnants of fire extinguisher debris, fingerprint powder, and other residues will be taken care of as well during our process. With our superior cleaning approaches, it will seem like the distressing circumstances never even happened.

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We know how challenging it can be when a death or traumatic event takes place in your home. It is even more difficult if a loved one was affected by it. That is why we strive to make the cleanup as stress-free as possible and provide our clients with the compassion they need during this difficult time. You will find that our friendly, courteous staff members will do whatever they can to guarantee that your needs are met and that your home is treated with care throughout the cleanup. Not only can you depend on our trained, experienced professionals to successfully clean up biohazards but also to deliver the support that you require while coping with a tragedy.

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